Spiritual needs in Human Life

Today, after the development of the times we need to learn to choose to adapt to the environment. Some statements say that life is a choice. Then how do we choose the way of life? Return to each other in interacting everyday. Every human being must have and trust their respective religion. In a religion God certainly teaches the good and right way of life through the Scriptures. Some have written in it that God has given everything on this earth to the needs of his people. Even in life God gives miracles to people who always remember them.

Indeed, as humans, they are obliged to work, interact well with others and obey the teachings of their religion. Why is that? This is done so that in human life there is a harmonious bound with others and there is no such dispute or conflict. Some acim books by David Hoffmeister explain a lot about the spiritual needs of humans. So from here we can know that not only physical needs must be fulfilled, but spiritual needs must also be fulfilled so that in carrying out life to stay balanced.

A group of people may not know the benefits of spiritual needs. The difference between physical and spiritual needs is very significant. This sometimes happens outside of human reason. When we speak physical problems directly we will know the results. For example, when we go to work when we go home we will get a reward from our work. Such circumstances are included in human reason in general. In contrast to spiritual needs, when we diligently worship and do things in the teachings of religion we do not directly get wages just like when we do physical activities. The wages we get in spiritual needs are a miracle. Such as health, far from disaster, abundant fortune and things that are not possible but can be resolved.

For that we need to start from here to always pay attention to spiritual needs in addition to carrying out physical activities in everyday life. So that we know what our purpose is to live life.